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As one of the first companies in Germany, galaniprojects is offering its customers services around the blockchain. These range from basic strategic consulting to project development up to the implementation of such projects in the customer’s ecosystem.

We are convinced that the blockchain technology is the core technology in the next ten years  to come and that a continuously growing part of new investments into software must already start to be based on this technology.



The blockchain is a connected distributed system of registers, all of which are connected through a secure validation mechanism. Therefore, it is secured that

  • the database is constantly up to date and tamper-resistant
  • transactions are transparently recorded and verifiable
  • all participants in a network have the same, trustable view on the register
  • all historic transactions are documented in a secure and immutable way.

The blockchain technology became first known in the year 2008 through Bitcoin. While this network was a specific application (a so-called cryptocurrency) of this technology, the blockchains were ever since constantly developed and implemented in a much more flexible way. Today, we see blockchain frameworks such as Ethereum, that allow companies to implement their individual requirements in the form of blockchains. The most important innovation are the so-called smart contracts, which are contracts, that can be entirely described in software and will automatically execute when triggered by a necessary event.

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  1. Did we interest you in the topic but you do not have a specific project?
    We offer half-day seminars on the blockchain technology for business executives without IT background. This is followed by another half-day workshop for the same group of people in order to evaluate the business opportunities for that particular company based on the blockchain technology. Both events are prepared individually for each customer and held at the customer’s premises.
  2. You have a specific idea but need a sparring partner for a cost-benefit calculation, for evaluation of chances and risks or for a feasibility study?
    We offer you experienced blockchain experts to evaluate your project ideas on a per-diem basis. We are aware that blockchain projects vary widely across most industry branches. Therefore, part of each contract is a non-disclosure agreement. Strictest confidentiality is assured. Upon your choice, consulting services can be rendered at your premises as well as at our Berlin office.
  3. You have a specific project you wish to implement but you lack competent partners?
    galaniprojects is happy to support you with the description of the requirements, the project management and the implementation. Our primary focus is on quality assurance. The services are being performed at the customer’s premises. Our employees become part of your team.
  4. You are in the middle of an implementation of a blockchain project and need additional quality assurance?
    In particular smart contract projects require intensive quality assurance as little mistakes or errors in the smart contract, the dapps or the DAOs can have catastrophic consequences. galaniprojects offers you an independent review of your contracts, also in cooperation with your law firm or your internal legal department.
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